Command line reference


Compile source data from /home/user/demo using a mapped core folder.

$ crown-development64 --source-dir /home/user/demo --map-source-dir core /home/user --compile

Run the engine using compiled data from /home/user/demo_linux:

$ crown-development64 --data-dir /home/user/demo_linux


-h --help
Display the help and quit.
-v --version
Display engine version and quit.
--source-dir <path>

Use <path> as the source directory for resource compilation.

The <path> must be absolute.

--data-dir <path>

Use <path> as the destination directory for compiled resources.

The <path> must be absolute.

--boot-dir <path>

Boot the engine with the boot.config from given <path>.

The <path> must be relative.


Do a full compile of the resources.

When using this option you must also specify --platform, --source-dir and --data-dir.

--platform <platform>

Compile resources for the given <platform>. Possible values for <platform> are:

  • android
  • linux
  • windows
Run the engine after resource compilation.
--console-port <port>

Set port of the console.

When no port is specified, the engine uses the port 10001.

Wait for a console connection before starting up.
--parent-window <handle>

Set the parent window <handle> of the main window.

This option should be used only by the tools.


Run the engine in server mode.

When using this option you must also specify --source-dir.

Run unit tests and quit. Available only on linux and windows.